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Now, You are more than one!

Count nuvEGE team as part of your  team!
Take advantage of the technology ecosystem of Tecnopark Ege, EBILTEM-TTO, Ege University. Use the team to reach national & global ecosystem.
We are more crowded than we seem so; so your team is...

Meet nuvEGE Team

Anıl B._düzenlendi.jpg

Anıl Baybura

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Ege Teknopark Expert

Deniz İ._düzenlendi.jpg

Deniz İlmenöz

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Ege Teknopark Expert

Semih Erden

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nuvEGE Coordinator

Aysun Demirdöğen

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nuvEGE Operation Manager

Naime Aydın

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nuvEGE Community Manager

     Mentors & Consultants

Mentors are important for us! nuvEGE network is ready to share their sectoral experience and expertise with you. Be aware of your risks while developing your product, going to market etc. by getting 1-1 mentoring.

Never walk alone in your entreprneurship journey!

Want to be part of nuvEGE network to give back to entrepreneurs?

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