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     Mentors & Consultants

Mentors are important for us! nuvEGE network is ready to share their sectoral experience and expertise with you. Be aware of your risks while developing your product, going to market etc. by getting 1-1 mentoring.

Never walk alone in your entreprneurship journey!

Want to be part of nuvEGE network to give back to entrepreneurs?

A. Ömer Yuluğ
Ziraat Mühendisi
Founder @yulugmuhendislik
su yönetimi, tarımda inovasyon
Dr. Aydın Öztunalı
Angel investor, legal adviser / competition & market analysis, product development, investment process, networking
Armağan Ergün
Electric - Electrical Engineer / Founder @Ostendo Technologies, Cofounder @ DVLX / electronic design, electronic card design, pcb design, system design, product development, project management
Av. Burcu Özsevinç
Lawyer startup law / commercial law / merger & acquisition
Çağatay Şahin
Bilgisayar Mühendisi
Senior Manager @ Veripark
SDLC, Software Quality Management, Project Management, IT Infrastructure Management, IT Risk Management, Overall IT Governance, Yazılım Geliştirme Süreçleri, Yazılım Kalitesi Yönetimi, Proje Yönetimi, IT Altyapı Yönetimi, IT Risk Yönetimi, Genel IT Yönetişimi
Emrah Mercan
CTO @Skysens
Emre Ergün
Chemical Engineer / Managing Director @IEP Technologies / technology transfer, product development, business modeling, innovative thinking methods, sales strategies
Ercan Gümüş
Industrial Engineer / Managing Partner @ Cool Digital Solutions; Country Manager @11 Sight / growth hacking, product development, digital monitoring, telecommunication
Hüseyin Günerergin
Agricultural Engineer / Plant Protection / agro-tech, marketing & sales strategies, fertilizer, seed, agricultural pesticide
Jülyet Yavuzaygen
Business Administration Major / Ex Business Development Director @ Ernst & Young, Co Founder@ Terra Bona Partners / business, development, strategy development, operational development, financial reporting
Kenan Keskinoğlu
Industrial Engineer / Founder @K&K Consulting / machine industry, e-commerce, software development, lean canvas, production managing
Oktay Erbey
Bilgisayar Mühendisi
CoFounder @softwarearge & @DQTürkiye
Software Engineering, Business Intelligence, Data Management, ERP, CRM, BPM, Cloud, SaaS, Business Development
Onur Günduru
Computer Engineer / Engineering & Technology Management / Founder @Onur Enerji ve Onur Yazılım / energy efficiency, energy efficiency measurements, ultrasonic flow rate measurements
Selim Kacar
Marketing / Chairman of the TOBB İzmir GGK , Founder@ KillBilled / leadership and team building, financial reading comprehension
Doç. Dr. Serdal Temel
Economist / Associate Professor @Ege University / Assistant Director @EBİLTEM-TTO / innovation management
Serkan İçer
Computer Science / Founder @Aktif Data Software / Cofounder @Botart / business development,business modeling, mobile applications, web services
Sinan Nuri Nane
Makine Yüksek Mühendisi
FEA Takım Lideri @anovamuhendislik
fea, otomotiv, savunma sanayi
Soner Sezgin
Electric - Electrical Engineer / Technology Group Manager @Cardtek, Founder @Hackerspace İzmir / electronic card design, circuit design, embedded systems
Dr. Tolga Ovayurt
Medical Doctor / health, oracle, java, php, flex, plsql, linux, data mining
Zeynep Derece
Industrial Engineer / Cofounder @DRC Consulting / finance, recycling, renewable energy, innovation in agriculture
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Av. Burcu Özsevinç

Lawyer startup law / commercial law / merger & acquisition

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